When an unwed mother wants to obtain child support, one of the first steps involved is proving the paternity of the child.

For a child born out of wedlock, establishing the child’s paternity is especially critical because the court must make sure that the biological father of the child is the person required to pay child support. Moreover, the mother of a child born out of wedlock holds all parental power over the child until the child is legitimated by the father. Only then can a father seek to establish custody rights to the child.

Going through the process of establishing paternity and legitimating a child can seem overwhelming, but our team is here to do the hard work for you. If you are looking for the support of a paternity attorney in Atlanta, then let Marple Family Law help you.


How Does Marple Family Law Help Paternity & Legitimation?

Our experienced team of lawyers is prepared to help represent mothers (in paternity actions) and fathers (in legitimation actions) when it comes to establishing child support, child custody, visitation rights, and other parental factors.

With our background in divorce, family law, child custody, and child support laws, we can help you enter the courtroom for your paternity or legitimation case with confidence knowing you have solid support on your side.

We would be happy to discuss your specific situation and how we can help you. Contact us today to get started.

Paternity & Legitimation FAQs