When children are involved, we believe the decisions made should always be in the children’s best interests. With this framework, Marple Family Law provides the best advice on child support in Atlanta regarding both custody and child support payment decisions.

This advice includes helping determine who should receive custody of the children, as well as making sure the non-custodial parent provides sufficient child support for the maintenance and financial support of the children.

Even though the court system is required to utilize the statutory Child Support Calculator when determining child support payments, this amount may be adjusted numerous ways based on multiple factors. With Marple Family Law on your side, you will have competent and experienced child support lawyers guiding you through the complex process to make sure no detail in your child support case is missed.

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Determining the amount of child support

Child support orders in the state of Georgia are governed by O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15. All awards are determined by this statute and by use of the Child Support Calculator.

When determining the amount of child support, Georgia law takes various factors into account. This includes costs associated with work-related childcare, health insurance, extra medical expenses, extracurricular activities, private school education, visitation-related travel expenses, and other expenses required to meet the needs of each child.

Having an experienced child support attorney on your side is critical to ensure the correct amount of child support is awarded.

Common child support legal issues

Once a child support order is issued, both parties must abide by the court’s ruling. It does not matter if the terms were mutually agreed upon by both parties or ordered by a judge - the child support award is binding.

However, the terms of the order may be modified if there is a material change in either parent’s income or financial status (like losing a job or making more money) or a change in the needs of any child.

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How does Marple Family Law help with child support?

As child support lawyers in Atlanta, we want what is best for your children and for you. Throughout your child support case, we will guide you through the process to get the best possible result for you and your children.

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