Why DIY Divorces are a Huge Mistake in Georgia

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There are plenty of perfectly acceptable things to pursue as a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) project…divorce is not one of them! Unfortunately, the consequences of a DIY divorce in the Atlanta area can be dire for your bank account. Read on to find out why a highly skilled and experienced divorce lawyer is a necessity.

What Makes A Good Divorce Lawyer

If you’re getting a divorce, listen up! We cannot emphasize the importance of hiring a divorce lawyer enough. In the Atlanta region, there are plenty of family law practices, but be sure you are selecting one that is well-versed in the process and procedures specific to state and county  laws. A qualified divorce lawyer will provide the following assistance:

  • Help with complex paperwork: Many individuals underestimate the complexity of the forms involved when filing for divorce. DIY divorces tend to occur more often with couples undergoing a “simple divorce,” so to speak. These couples were usually only married for a short period of time, with simple assets to split and typically no children. Simple divorce or not, the forms are heavily involved and best completed with expert counsel.
  • Aid in tackling procedural requirements: Depending on which county you are filing in, there are specific self-imposed filing requirements and customs, some of which are quite particular. If the applicant is uninformed, they could spend countless hours trying to fight the system for their decree. County courts do not post any sort of divorce forms or detailed information on their website for public consumption. Additionally, online filing services usually aren’t aware about county (or state) specific nuances either.  This is where the expertise of a divorce lawyer local to Atlanta, will pay off in large dividends.
  • Advice in navigating the divorce process: This process can be complicated and those who go it alone sometimes try to rely on the court clerk. Yet, your county court clerk is not a customer service representative! These individuals are not permitted to provide any type of assistance that may be interpreted as legal advice. They will direct you to retain a lawyer, or send you to the basement library to look up the required forms needed in old law books. You’ll need the help of a localized divorce lawyer to efficiently begin the process.

What To Expect From Your Divorce Lawyer

If you’ve decided on divorce and not a DIY divorce, you surely want the process to be over as quickly as possible. Divorces in the U.S. can take anywhere from 3-12 months from beginning to end. The time frame is often determined by how the divorce is filed, as well as the type of legal issues that must be settled. A divorce lawyer will help to speed up the division of debts and assets among the former couple. Terms for child support and custody are also determined with advocacy set forth by your divorce lawyer. Your attorney will manage any sort of dispute resolution, which can lengthen divorce proceedings, if not handled by a professional.

In the Atlanta area, the best way to proceed with a divorce is to consult an attorney with multiple years of experience. When your divorce is placed on hold, so is your life. This delay can be incredibly frustrating and expensive. Call, or schedule an online consultation, with Marple Family Law today to move your divorce forward as efficiently and effectively as possible.